Start Your Own Adult Webcam Business


Just in case you need any additional reasons for starting your own adult business ;)

Using a Turnkey Adult Website Solution

In my last post I covered what was involved with running an adult webcam business. There is a lot of complexity and risk involved if you’re trying to go about it the traditional way. I’m of the opinion that you should not be taking such a risk with your own money if you can’t spare it. The major adult webcam websites that you see out there today are operated by only a handful of people that dominate the market. Unless you have an enormous amount of capital, you’re better off joining them rather than trying to beat them.

So how do you go about getting into the adult cam industry without competing with the heavy hitters? It’s easy, you join them through an affiliate program with a turnkey adult website. Such a program will provide you with the ability and rights to promote established cams and content through your own website while services are provided by the content owners. So essentially you’ll be promoting your service provider in exchange for a handsome commission for every sale that your efforts generates.

Sounds good but creating an affiliate website can prove to be a difficult task if you don’t have the appropriate technical experience. That’s where a turnkey adult website solution can come in handy. An adult cam site based on turnkey technology will include everything that you need to get started and it will integrate directly with a a reputable affiliate program. For you, this means more time to spend on promoting your business externally to build that ever so important traffic.

And a quick final note on obtaining traffic, don’t bother buying traffic or falling for other “quick fix” schemes because they don’t work. You wanted to start an adult webcam site and you got a turnkey adult website solution to get you started without spending your life savings. Now you need to spend some real time and effort on building links, blogs, and participating in adult-oriented communities.

Understanding the Adult Webcam Business

We’re all well aware of the massive profits to be made in the adult webcam and tube businesses. The internet has advanced considerably worldwide allowing for amazing experiences online which go well beyond still pictures. Back in the early 90s I recall being satisfied by just seeing some stills but now you’ve got everything from live video with interactive voice chat to streaming online movies. It’s all really amazing but most importantly, it’s all very profitable!

However, with such great profitability also comes a great deal of investment and risk. Most people looking to start their own adult business with a webcam website have come to me with the assumption that all they need is some software, a payment gateway, a hosting account and they’re good to go. This couldn’t be further from the actual requirements. The truth is that any adult website is a costly venture and even more so for those that involve live feeds or streaming media.

So lets start breaking down an adult webcam business and determine what we’d need to get started. There’s a lot more involved than what’s on this list; this is just a high level brief to provide some clarification. Any prices that I list are estimates and you can do some research to determine the accurate values yourself.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  1. A domain name name (inexpensive)
  2. A number of powerful dedicated servers that are reasonable distributed among your anticipated regions (thousands per month).
  3. Purchase the appropriate software for your website, clients and performers or hire programmers to create your own (investment of thousands of dollars).
  4. Hire a group of experts to put it all together and a number of engineers for maintenance (salaries of $50-80k/year).
  5. Obtain a high-risk merchant account and payment gateway (high monthly costs).
  6. Recruit performers.
  7. Market your business.
  8. Test and maintain your systems.

I’m certain I’ve missed a handful of items but that should give you an idea of what’s involved. Simply put, it’s not a feasible operation for everyone. If you’re serious about it, your best bet is to obtain some start-up capital from angel investors so you don’t have to use your own cash.

For the rest of us, we need to start looking at affiliate solutions. You can still start your own webcam adult business, just not in the way that you were thinking. Instead of taking on all of the responsibility ourselves, we’re better off partnering with existing brands that have the required captial and that are doing well in the industry. With an affiliate webcam site, we can take advantage of the established brand and their existing infrastructure while earning a handsome commissions in exchange.

Future posts in this blog will provide more information on turnkey options for your cam business and how they can help you get started.